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Bacup Royal Court Theatre Group - BAODS 

Jordan Barnes , Director

TBC  - Musical Director

Nick Daye, Producer 

Production Description

Casting "Avenue Q," the Tony Award-winning musical comedy. Project description:  

The laugh-out-loud, Tony Award-winning musical that tells the timeless story of a recent college grad named Princeton who moves into a shabby New York apartment all the way out on Avenue Q. Once there, he meets Kate (the girl next door), Rod (the Republican), Trekkie (the internet sexpert), Lucy the Slut (need we say more?), and other colorful types who help Princeton finally discover his purpose in life."


Auditions - Tuesday 3rd December @ 7:30 


Due to the nature of the show cast member must be 18+

Rehearsal and Production Dates & Locations

Rehearsals will be on Tuesday's and Thursday's throughout January, February, March April and May

Sunday rehearsals will start on 6th April 2pm and run for 6 Sunday's 

Rehearsals will start on Tuesday 27th January @ 7:30pm

Tech week will run from Sunday 10th May (all cast will be required) 

Show dates are 14th, 15th & 16th May 2020

Rehearsals will be held at Bacup Royal Court Theatre: rehearsals rooms and on stage 

Princeton (Lead): Male, 18 + 

Ethnicity: All Ethnicities

Rod (Lead): Male, 18 + 

Ethnicity: All Ethnicities

Kate (Lead): Female, 18 + 

Ethnicity: All Ethnicities

Princeton is a 22 year old college graduate, with a B.A. in English. 

Princeton can be described as a wide-eyed, naive individual, who is open to taking on life's challenges, and always taking them on head first. Despite this, however, Princeton can get discouraged quite easily.

Kate is a main protagonist in Avenue Q. She is a monster who lives on Avenue Q. She is Princeton's love interest, and she likes him as well, she is 23 years old.

Kate is a kindergarten teaching assistant. Her boss is Mrs. Thistletwat.

Lucy the Slut (Lead): Female, 18 + 

Ethnicity: All Ethnicities

Lucy the Slut is a vixenish but really cute night club singer. She is a sexy, seductive singer at the Around the Clock Café, a fictional local eatery and bar in New York City. Even though she has a minor role in the show, she is probably one of the most well-known characters from the show.

Nicky (Lead): Male, 18 + 

Ethnicity: All Ethnicities

Nicky is a 25 year-old Ernie-like slacker and has no job. He lives in an apartment with Rod. He first appears complaining why it sucks to be him- he lives with an uptight roomate. Throughout the show, Nicky tries to urge Rod out of the closet

Trekkie Monster (Lead): Male, 18 + 

Ethnicity: All Ethnicities

He is a Bert-like character and an investment banker on Wall Street. He lives in the same apartment as Nicky. Rod is a closet homosexual, but at the end of the musical he comes out of the closet.

The bad idea bears: Male & Female,18 + 

Ethnicity: All Ethnicities

Me Trekkie. Me live in apartment. Me like porn.

Christmas-eve (Lead): Female, 18 + 

Ethnicity: All Ethnicities

The Bad Idea Bears are a duo of adorable but sinister teddy bear-like characters who are out to get people to do irresponsible deeds. The Bears eventually turn to Scientology and seemingly change their ways

Brian (Lead): Male, 18 + 

Ethnicity: All Ethnicities

Brian is an out of work comedian-turned-caterer

Brian is engaged to the Japanese therapist, Christmas Eve, and eventually makes her his wife

Gary Coleman (Lead): Male, 18 + 

Ethnicity: All Ethnicities

Gary Coleman has been the superintendent on Avenue Q for 12 years now. He’s seen lots of people come and go. Same shit different squatter. He’s not bitter just frustrated. He’s happy enough. He’s alive and has a job. If only he wasn’t always the reason for schadenfreude. Oh well. Thats life

Christmas Eve is grateful for her spot on the avenue; however, she cannot wait for her husband to make enough money to get a new place. She has been a therapist for the past 5 years but has a hard time keeping clients (and she can’t figure out why!) She hopes to one day create world peace through her therapy… But she’d also settle for her husband getting a job.

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