These are our BESTS, soon we'll be able to perform Aladdin (Covid stopped us a month before our original production)! 


We have a lovely and sociable group but we're always looking out for more...


BESTS learn productions through: reading the script together, and at home; silent improvisation, for being on stage with no words; improvisation with 2 people starting and others joining in, to show our teamwork; monologues and duologues, helping us to show expression. Sometime we make props; our BFG wouldn't have been the same without the large papier-mache heads we all made. Most importantly, we play games.


We work in the rehearsal room generally. If we have a production, we'll start in the rehearsal room and once ready we'll move to the stage. It's up to Juliette, Rheanna and YOU to show how you want to move, speak and help each other.


During the performance we have stage make up (if you are able to use it), costumes, props and music (whether it's us or a soundtrack). It's always fun, waiting to go on and this is an excellent time to look and care for one another. 


PLEASE JOIN US! We meet at the theatre on Henrietta Street by the lower door. It is on Wednesdays, 4.30 - 6.30pm (holidays, we'll probably be closed). It costs £6 a week with snacks however, you need to be between 8 - 16 years old.

Bacup Royal Court Theatre Group Ltd.

Bacup Royal Court Theatre
Rochdale Road
OL13 9NR

01706 551570

(Please note this is our office number and not a ticket line.

This number is only manned when the volunteers are in.)

Company Number 10113036

Registered Charity Number 1176044

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